Leah A.

I can't say enough about these guys!  I live in Jacksonville and manage a quadruplex remotely that my parents own in Gainesville.  I had two major incidences regarding air conditioning issues over the past year.  I gave Quality Air a call because they were highly recommended by my long time maintenance guy, Arnaldo who I greatly trust.  

The first time, I called QA's office and spoke with the office manager, Soleil.  She was extremely professional and courteous.  I told her my problem and she sent someone out to fix the AC unit and my tenants were very happy with the results.  We spent about $350 total which I felt was very reasonable for the complicated task at hand.

This last time, my yard service guys accidentally cut a pipe where the freon goes and this was a major issue because 1) It's hot as hell here in Florida (it's summer), 3) My tenants NEED AC to live & 3) The non-stop rains could have done more damage due to the pipe being open. This was a slight emergency for sure.  And since I used them before, I knew who to call.

I called Quality Air late Friday night and Pedro returned my call right away.  I was surprised because I didn't think I would hear from anyone until Saturday morning.  He assured me he could repair the pipe, flush out what needed to be flushed out and have the AC working Saturday morning.  He told me he would be there between 7:30-10:30am.  And he was.

After emailing and texting and calling and coordinating with my tenant, maintenance manager and Pedro of Pro Quality Air, I was able to get a good night's sleep knowing everything would be OK.  

By 10:16 Saturday morning, I received a call from them following up with me that the unit was fixed, working and good to go.  All in all, it was about $600 plus which was totally reasonable considering it was a weekend and the severity of the situation.  5-STAR service and love! :)

Yelp.com (8/01/15)

Dan S.

This is the first time I've been compelled to write a 5-star review for an HVAC company, and Quality Air totally deserves it. Came home at 6pm last night with an 85-degree house. Checked outside and the compressor fan was not turning, and humming. Dreading an unbearable night, I called Quality Air anyway, expecting an answering machine. Charlie picked right up and said it was no problem to come over that night after his next service call, because he was fully booked the following day and didn't want my family enduring a brutally hot night. He estimated an hour, but as his previous service call ran late, he called me several times to notify me of his schedule and how far away he was. Showed up around 8pm, and fixed our unit out in the dark for a totally reasonable rate - especially when it was officially after hours, but he did not charge any kind of after hours fee. 

The best part - aside from how friendly and honest he was  - is that Charlie essentially gave me a 45-minute lesson on HVAC the entire time. He talked me through everything he was doing, what was wrong with the unit, how an HVAC unit operates in general, and made suggestions for improving our home to save energy. He also taught me how to maintain our unit myself to maximize efficiency. He even pulled out a quick iPhone app to run through scenarios of upgrading our unit versus what we would save per month and determined it would definitely not be worth it for us to upgrade our unit. Charlie works to repair units and educate, not to sell you some stuff you don't need.

I hesitated writing this review because when I mentioned finding him on Yelp, he laughed and said he doesn't advertise, has always operated on word of mouth for the last 15+ years, and can barely keep up with the work he has. No wonder! I'm glad I found a reputable HVAC repair guy in town who actually cares about the customer and not making a quick buck with lies and sales pitches.

Yelp.com (9/1/2011)

Jonny I.

The air conditioning unit at our house decided to take a break on a 98 degree Saturday.  We have had another HVAC contractor come to service our AC unit before but he was out of town and Charlie was helping him out by covering his emergency calls.  

Charlie had a few other calls to attend to but the wait was reasonable since I'm sure we weren't the only people in town that had AC units fail on us.  Charlie arrived around 8pm and solved the problem quickly.  I guess when you do this for years, its easy to diagnose the problem.  He then started to discuss the currents, voltage, and longevity issues of capacitors because I had asked why the capacitor failed.  It was refreshing to get a technician who seemed genuine and enthusiastic even after working a 14hr day.  He also swapped out our thermostat for an upgraded one free of charge.   

I couldn't find a website for Quality Air Co. so I'm guessing he has done business by word of mouth.  Hope this helps quell any doubts about the quality of service that Charlie offers.  I will definitely be calling him again if I have any AC issues and would recommend his business to anyone in the Gainesville area.

Yelp.com (7/30/2011)

Pamela B.

Quality Air is Awesome! They came on a Saturday, were friendly, knowledgable and efficient. Explained to me what was causing my unit not to cool, had it fixed in no time, and my favorite part didn't try to sell me stuff I didn't need.

I have had bad experience with other A/C people in the past, but Quality Air was great. They quoted me a price and stuck with it, no gimmicks or sneaky tactics. Checked my system and even gave me advice on something that I could fix myself to save my own costs and prevent unnecessary future repairs caused by this minor fix. 

They are worth your time and money and give AWESOME value and service to their customers! Glad to know I've found my new A/C people!

Yelp.com (5/21/2013)